Pedro’s Quest

It’s all Johns Fault !

Overweight and approaching 40 – jogging for fitness becomes an invitation from John to run the Benson 10k.  16th place, a buzz, hooked and the rest is history!

No mid-life crisis just a need for a fresh challenge, healthier lifestyle and fulfil some ambitions.  To set the bar a little higher, achieve new goals and run races that light my fire.

Inspired by Kilian, my quest is in two parts….   To complete my ‘bucket list’ of races and to work my way through a number of endurance challenges that push me to my physical limits, beyond my mental threshold and test my resolve to the full!

I thought I would share a light-hearted perspective on my experiences, struggles, success and failures and take all the support and advice I can get along the way!

Many thanks to my supporters ….

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